Manned Guarding

C&C Security provides a manned guarding services to both residential clients, for funerals, weddings etc. and to commercial properties, for weighbridges, camera operatives etc.

All C&C Security’s employees are trained and vetted in accordance with the Private Security Authority, our governing body, all employees are screened for 5 years with both character and work related references.

 C&C Security can use a Point-to-Point patrol system for manned guarding when patrolling at the request of the client. This system allows our client to record what time the security officer was patrolling a certain place in their premises. The system uses points secured to certain places and when the security officer presses the wireless connector against these points, it records the time and where the security officer was at that time. This gives our clients piece of mind that patrols are being completed and their premises is secured.

All C&C Security’s employees hold a valid PSA License and through ongoing training and performance evaluation, we are confident that we can fulfil any of our client’s security needs.