Opening and Closing

C&C Security Ltd. provides an opening and closing service to commercial and residential premises and is provided through our mobile patrol van.

The mobile patrol can provide any service requested of the client when opening a premises, for example turning on the heating in the Winter, opening windows in the Summer, picking up newspapers for reception, turning on lights etc.

For the closing of premises the C&C Security mobile patrol van will meet the client at a particular time (usually 10 minutes before a premises is due to close). The security officer will ensure the safety of your employee(s) when locking up. The security officer will wait for the employees to reach their cars before leaving the site.

C&C Security also provides a sign off sheet for closing of premises and this can be sent to our clients at the end of each month. On this sheet it will have the date, the time of arrival, the time of lock up, the security officer on duty and also the member of staff locking up.

This service is very important to clients who maybe lone working or maybe vulnerable and feel that they need more peace of mind when locking up their premises.